Pet Dryer System  

The Pet Dryer System is a self contained cage dryer that contains a tubular air distribution system.   The cat breeder, cat groomer, or cat owner will find this to be one of the best pieces of cat grooming equipment available.  The Pet Dryer System is affordable and portable dryer and does and excellent job of drying your pet compared to any of the other pet dryers I've tried over the past 30 years. Attached to the cage dryer is a Hurrycanine Mini Motor forced air dryer, that is a very effective tool for the cat groomer, dog groomer or any pet groomer.  This dryer makes grooming any cat, dog or pet a far more enjoyable experience.  Gently warmed air is evenly distributed throughout the Vari Kennel to completely dry the animal. Three air ducts on the inside top of the carrier, and three air ducts below the elevated floor grill assure that your pet is completely dry within the shortest time possible. There are approximately 125 air jets that gently circulate the warmed air in 16 different directions inside the drying enclosure.   Fully portable, the Pet Dryer System weighs about 30 pounds and has a carrying handle.

Although this photo says 2007, the Pet Dryer Systems are still for sale in 2016.

Contents of Pet Dryer System:

  1.  One Pet Dryer motor with 22 gage galvanized steel case and increased sound proofing for quieter operation.

  2. One Pet Dryer Enclosure, fully assembled, complete with floor grate.

  3. Air plenum tubes have been increased from 1" to 1 1/4", offering 36% improvement of air flow.  These improved air plenums are located in the center of the top and bottom of the kennel, and also go completely round the interior of the kennel, top and bottom.  This allows the air jets to dry the cat from virtually any angle within the drying enclosure.

  4. Hose is no 1 1/2" x 8 1/2' in size. The increased diameter hose allows the motor to operate more efficiently.  Hose is made of flexible PVC, and has wire reinforcing for durability.

  5. The combination of the increased hose diameter, and the increased air plenum size allows for greater air flow, less motor noise, and results in quicker drying of your cat.

  6. One rubber air concentrator tool that attaches to the hose to allow for spot drying, if needed.

    Being a cat breeder since 1977, we know that cats and kittens do need to be bathed occasionally. We have tried many pet dryers over the years, all of which failed to thoroughly dry the cat or kitten. Many of these had heating elements that created too much heat. Some had poor air flow that took over 2 hours to dry an adult Ragdoll Cat. Some dryers attached to the drying cage door so that you could not see how the animal was drying, and you had to remove the dryer from the door to remove the cat.  Some sat directly in front of the cage door, and made it difficult to see the cat.  But worst of all, the dryers I used failed to dry the cat completely.  I finally decided to make my own dryer with the features that I knew would be needed to safely dry the cat or kitten.  And thus the Pet Dryer System was invented.  Click here for testimonials.

 Click here for Hybrid Dryer--for US clients only.


    The only other cage dryer that is close to my design can be seen at This particular dryer currently sells for over $1000-$1100, and must be shipped by truck. Shipping expenses from NY to California are at least $125, and shipping takes 6-8 weeks time.   This other dryer weighs near 60 pounds, and has no carrying handle---so moving it is difficult.  I tried this particular dryer around 1984 (under a different brand name, but same patent design), and it was priced at $650 at that time. It has two squirrel cage blowers that deliver little air, and it took me 1 1/2 hours to dry one of my show cats at that time. My current dryer can do a better job of drying with the same type of cat in about 30-35 minutes. AND the Pet Dryer System is priced 50% less.  It can be delivered to your door in less than 2 weeks within the US.

    All of the Pet Dryer System can be contained inside the drying enclosure for ease of storage and portability.   See photo below



Click here to make one yourself:

Click here to see how the Pet Dryer System works. 


Features of the Pet Dryer System:

Photo of air filter of 2007 Pet Dryer System Motor, showing 6" x 6" filter.

Below is a photo of how my Pet Dryer System is used in our cattery.  An example of how well is works is :


New for 2014


New hose connection, with stainless steel clamp and newly designed nipple, designed for optimum connection of dryer hose to motor.  Photo on right depicts new double walled thick cardboard shipment box, styrofoam packing, bungee cord used to hold motor in place for shipment.   Stryofoam packing is used all around dryer for best assurance against breakage, but your pet dryer system is always insured.  Zip ties are used to hold floor grate in place during shipment also.  Due to higher cost of added foam packing, bungee cord, zip ties, double walled cardboard box and increased shipment costs, there is now a $75 charge for shipment within the US.  The motor manufacturer raised the price of the dryer motor $20, which in turn prices the dryer $20 more.



The  Pet Dryer System is priced at $509.95.   Shipping, insurance, and handling is $75 to anywhere in the US.  Any damage claim on shipment must be reported within 48 hours of arrival--I have to file a damage claim shortly after arrival, or the insurance will not cover the damage. Canadian shipments can only be shipped by Priority Mail, at a cost around $95. Please call or write to get the correct quote for shipping to your Canadian address. . European shipments will cost around $137 (shipping and insurance) in 2009-so please email me for a shipping cost to your country in Europe-all packages over 4 pounds that will not fit into "flat rate boxes", must be sent Priority Mail with the USPS. UPS rates cost more than standard US package shipment but are far cheaper than either UPS or Fedex when sending Internationally.  UPS shipment fees are over $400 for the same shipment. Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are accepted for US or Canadian sales.  BUT, all orders sent to me with credit card details will have a 4% surchrge for processing.  Payal orders are surcharge free,  as long as payment is sent to "freinds and family"--if not sent "friends and family" a 4% surcharge on sale will be charged.  Funds can also be sent by Western Union, US Postal money order or bank certifed check, payable to Dave Chambers. For credit card usage: send email to or fax me at 951-685-7896 stating credit card type, number, expiration date.   Please include your complete mailing address with your order. OR you can click HERE and complete and fax this form to me. If you have any further questions, you may also contact me at 951-685-3252. 

Prices listed are the discounted prices for cash.  Other forms of payment at 5% higher in cost.  If you have questions, please call me at 951-685-3252.





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